Residential Services

Residential Services

Our Residential Service

For most individuals and families today, home computers have become a necessity. Many adults work out of the house, watch digital TV, or stay connected to the outside world via email. Children are taught to use computers at a young age and regularly chat on Facebook, game online with their peers, or use educational software to complete homework.

As a result, residential users often face a variety of computer problems, but may not have the time, budget, or know-how to resolve them. That’s where Canyonlands Computers comes in. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families meet their computer needs by offering a wide range of IT services that take the hassles out of home technology.

Canyonlands Computers has experience in design, installation, setup, and management for home technology needs. We also provide troubleshooting, support, service, and repair for individuals and families to help reduce expensive, frustrating, and time-consuming computer problems, and eliminate the hours spent on the phone with technical support.

In-Office, On-Site, and Remote Support

Our on-site and in-office technical support can be great solution for families that require on-going IT assistance, but do not want to purchase third-party service contracts to pay for it. We offer budget-friendly, on-call help that you pay for when you need it. We can also work directly with you and your family to help prevent problems and fix recurring issues.

Canyonlands Computers also offers remote troubleshooting and support to residential clients that wish to utilize the day-to-day helpdesk style support typically provided by online support companies. This allows us access to your network and computers in real-time without leaving our office, increasing response time, and lowering technology costs.

Scheduled Maintenance

As a family, you know how important your home computers are to your work, education, and leisure time. To keep them running at peak performance, your desktop, laptop, and other devices need to be in good working order inside and out. Our scheduled maintenance program can protect them from software issues and prevent costly hardware problems.

While there is no foolproof way to ensure your computers are operational 24/7, the time you invest in keeping them running smoothly may save you and your family thousands of dollars in the long run. We can fine-tune your computers for you on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly basis, so that you don’t have to worry about it.