Service Rates

Service Rates

Service Rates

All services are billed in fifteen-minute increments. On-site service calls to your home or office will be billed a minimum of $60.00. The same charges apply to all pick-ups and drop-offs 20 miles or more outside of Moab city limits.

Our service area is from Moab to Monticello, and Green River, Utah, and Grand Junction, Colorado. Service calls 20 miles or more outside of Moab city limits will include an additional charge of 55 cents per mile one-way for travel.

  • In-Office - $50.00 Per Hour
  • On-Site - $60.00 Per Hour
  • After Hours - $70.00 Per Hour

Flat Rates

For our business customers, Canyonlands Computers offers on-site flat rates for pre-scheduled time blocks, including:

  • Full Day (8 Hours) - $455.00
  • Half Day (4 Hours) - $215.00

Maintenance Plans

We also offer a variety of IT service and maintenance plans for residents, businesses, and non-profits. Our basic plans start at $60.00 - $120.00 per month and can also be scheduled quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly. Please Contact Us for more information or to have us put a plan together for you.

Recycling and Disposal

Canyonlands Computers offers recycling of most computer and electronic equipment. Our prices are based on the size of the item(s) to be disposed:

  • Small Box - (H X W X D) - $5.00
  • Medium Box - (H X W X D) - $10.00
  • Large Box - (H X W X D) - $15.00